30. januar 2023

The Federation of Kurent Ptuj coordinates the work between the Kurent Societies and takes care of the preservation of the Kurent tours, which were entered on the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity on  


Every country – including Slovenia – is proud of its distinguished cultural artefacts and individuals
who have carried its name across national borders. One of them is the traditional character of
Kurent/Korant, which is well-known not only locally, in Ptuj and its surroundings, but also across
Slovenia and the world.

The opening of the KURENT HOUSE places Kurent/Korant in a place of historical importance. It is the
result of the efforts of interested societies that have been preserving the heritage of Kurent/Korant
and its rituals. The idea for the Kurent House was conceived and realized by the Association of Kurent
Societies, which comprises 25 societies with over 1,100 members. Using modern technologies,
visitors can learn about the deep meaning of rituals, which have been preserved in the Dravsko and
Ptujsko Polje and in Haloze and Slovenske Gorice from ancient times to the present day. You can
explore Kurent/Korant in an interactive, individualized and globally recognizable way, while the
cultural heritage is presented in an experiential and innovative way, effectively preserving it for
future generations.

Aleš Ivančič,
Chairman of Association of Kurent Societies